Consistency Is A Very Important SEO Factor

If you ask people what they think is necessary to get a website ranking high for a particular keyword, most of them will mention things like an optimized title tag, unique content, backlinks and so on.

While those factors are indeed important for SEO, they will produce very small results if you don’t combine them with consistency.

That is, you could launch a new website today with a lot of unique content and many backlinks, but unless you keep adding new content and getting new links consistently over time your website, would not rank high for any competitive keyword.

The opposite is also true. Even if you launch a website with little unique content and no backlinks, you can still get it ranking high for competitive keywords if you consistently keep adding new content and getting new backlinks.

Let me illustrate this point with some numbers. Suppose we launch two websites targeting the same keyword, website A and website B. On website A we publish 50 articles right away and manage to attract 500 backlinks on the first day thanks to a viral campaign on social media sites. On website B, on the other hand, we work our way up gradually, publishing one article every other day and getting 10 new backlinks per week. After 6 months I would be willing to bet that website B is ranking higher than website A, and that is because of the consistency factor.

In fact Google confirmed in the past that the pace at which a website publishes new content and gains new backlinks is indeed used inside its algorithm.

Whenever you plan an SEO campaign for one of your sites in the future, remember that slow and steady can win the race, even on the Internet!

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  • 04/03/2011 at 7:11 pm

    thank you with this article, I really do like this verymuch, here I realy know what you mean and will try to apply this.


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