Check online site security

When you wish to make transaction on online site, yours computer exactly can infected by virulent program. To make to protect consumer, Internet Explorer (IE) have a security fiture, it called filter smartscreen. It’s new fiture in windows 7, representing repair of filter phishing in Windows Vista. It’s be cancelled automatically access from site when it’s knew dangerous.

To check site security, browse site that you want check by using IE. Next, click menu “Safety->SmartScreen Filter-> Check this web site”. When Confirmation massage appear, answer “OK”. You will get report from result of check. If everything is safe, you will get information, and on the contrary.

But be carefull. This fiture can report wrong information. If you get unsafe site but this fitur report it unseccesfully, you can send information to Microsoft by clicking menu “Safety ->SmartScreen Filter-> Report Unsafe Website.

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